The Board of Governors meet every 4th Tuesday of each month Except June, July, August and December

Criteria for Selecting Trustees
As Taken From Ontario Hospital Association Guidelines & The Hornepayne Community Hospital By-Laws
·       Honest and a sense of justice.
·       A willingness (declared) to accept hospitals purposes and to  make a commitment that patient safety and interest must come before all else.
·        An ability to withstand pressure from groups within or outside of the hospital.

·       To be objective, weigh all factors, with prime purpose of the hospital in mind at all times.  A willingness to function as a member of a team.
·       A willingness to use discretion in dealing with confidential matters.
·       A commitment to devote the required time and effort.
Duties of a Trustee:
·         To be a servant of the public.
·         To attend all Board Meetings and Corporation Meetings.
·         To act on committees which report to Board Meetings.
·         To be informed of current problems and issues involving the hospital through orientation sessions including; building its facilities and services, attending seminars and educational workshops.
·         Each trustee must agree to put the interest of the patient and hospital above all other concerns when Board policies and decisions are made.
·         To make a commitment to provide the time and effort that will be required to function as an active Board Member.

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