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Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative

Our 12 ELDCAP beds are currently funded by the Hornepayne Community Hospital.

To continually strive to improve our Long-Term Care  (LTC) setting and promote a home-like environment amidst a hospital setting by following our Ministry of Long-Term Care guidelines and mandates.

To continually improve our resident’s activities of daily living including but not limited to an environment of safety, comfort, and well-being. Our staff which includes Personal Support Workers (PSW), Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), and Registered Nurses (RN) assesses their needs and finds creative solutions to minimize the impact of behaviors on their well-being. We have a nurse that has been working closely with Behavioral Support Ontario (BSO) for the past 18 months, she is on-site 4 days a week to help mitigate. We have an Activities Team of 3 that provides support in the form of indoor and outdoor activities. As a Team, we work collaboratively to provide the care necessary which is designed on an individual basis. Our physiotherapy contract with Carol-Ann Robinson RPT continues to be followed through with a PSW designated Physiotherapy Assistant under her direction. The benefits to our residents are apparent in the number of hours they receive of physiotherapy and their noted stability in mobility issues. All these hours are logged and reported at our quarterly interdisciplinary meetings.


AIR CONDITIONING: All 10 rooms in the LTC unit now have Air conditioning installed as of May 16th, 2023.

OUTSIDE GARDEN PATIO: Our activities department is working on designing an outside garden patio for our residents and their families, we are waiting on approvals for engineering and construction and will be seeking funding to complete this project in SUMMER OF 2023.


NEW DOORS: We just installed new doors that enter into LTC, they are secured by our system that prevents residents who are at risk of wandering from leaving our LTC unit and entering the hospital area.

  • We currently have 7 older beds that will be replaced by HIGH-LO beds in 2022.
  • We have an older model of kitchen/eating area that needs a remodel, we will be discussing our improvement plan at our next family and resident council meetings so we can have input from them.
  • We currently have 2 outdoor Gazebos that need some TLC, these are considered indoor buildings because they have a door to enter/exit with walls.
  • We had a temporary door placed during construction of our new doors (in between LTC and hallway) that is now removed, we will be looking at building a permanent door system that will enable safe isolation and safety for our residents if need be.


We are currently revising our PPPs to ensure we are up to date with the current FLTCA, 2021, and that they reflect our current pandemic situation that has impacted the lives of our residents.

We are currently following Covid-19 precautions, and we continue to mandate 3rd dose vaccines for all employees and our caregivers. We continue to do surveillance testing and PCR testing if needed to prevent an outbreak in our facility. Our daily temperature checks on our residents, our continuous masking for staff, caregivers, and visitors, our hand-washing audits, our Rapid Antigen Testing twice a week for all staff and caregivers, and our plan to escalate our IPAC procedures if necessary are in place.


Measuring our progress informally and formally to complete our projects is an integral part of accomplishing our goals for QUALITY IMPROVEMENT.


Looking forward to 2022-2023 😊

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Brenda Weisflock, Designated Lead at 807-868-2442 ext 5123.

Note: Hornepayne Community Hospital LTC residents’ rooms do not have Air Conditioning installed.
We are currently working on this project to be completed as soon as the parts and the contractors can install these new systems. If you have any questions please reach out to us.

Long Term Care
For Information Contact: Brenda Weisflock RN, BScN, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), and Long-Term care Administrator(LTCA)
Phone: (807) 868-2442 ext 5123
Fax: (807) 868-2527


The Long-Term Care unit is a twelve-bed facility with single and double rooms, which you can decorate to your liking. We have a bright spacious dining lounge, where meals and daily activities take place. In our living area, we have a large 45” screen television for easy viewing, DVD/VCR for your choice of movies, WII system for you and your family’s entertainment, and stereo system. We have a 10, 000 square feet of fenced in yard with two large gazebos for your outdoor enjoyment. Large and spacious tub and shower rooms equipped with all the latest technology in mechanical lifts. Hair dressing and laundry facilities are on-site. We are staffed with Physician, Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, Activity

Co-ordinator, Dietary services, Housekeeping services, Pastoral care, Personal Support Workers,  etc.